Gated Communities and Builder's Profits

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Why Home Owners Prefer Gated Communities?
In general, Gated Community (GC) is a private and secured residential community with proper infrastructure.

GC concept is not just a British or an American concept; it is widely accepted by and seen huge growth in other parts of world including Southeast Asia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and South America. Many people want to live in a gated community with good amenities, access to quick service, safety, security, peace, convenience, etc. Association plays a major role in operations after builders hand over the venture to them. There are many people who want more for themselves and families are willing to spend extra buck for comfort, services, facilities, classy environment, security, peace and convenience. And GCs are up for it.

What is it for Builders?
It is a huge opportunity for builders. At one go, they may construct hundreds of houses or several multi-tower apartments.

  • It works out to be cost effective.
  • Highly profitable if sold-out.
  • Creativity and great construction quality with solid infrastructure will result in quality residents, which lead to respected neighbourhood.

Builders will laugh all the way to the bank.

Gated Communities have created lots of opportunities for builders, architects, engineers, electricians, project managers, electronic security and home automation companies, infrastructure companies, etc. Gated Communities can become a powerful tool to promote anything at one go.

Gated Communities are here to stay and will create ample space for quality builders and professional companies to come together and deliver great product and service. What home owners want and how much would they pay will result in innovative residential products.


Indrasen R. Bollampally