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Dear Customers and Prospects,

I am sure many of the builders and regular citizens have had interesting and intriguing last few weeks from chaos at ATA in the US to money-for-votes scandal in India…

Well, coming to Realty in India, the market doesn’t seem to be upbeat at the moment, though it has not taken the beating the way stock market did. With a lukewarm response at ATA to many builders who participated, it appears that the builders association is eagerly waiting for a better US economy. In addition to the recession in the US, the real estate market has been terrible for a couple of years. All of these, side effects of these and our national inflation have added to realty financial woes in India. Despite all these woes, the construction activity is moving along though it has slowed down.

After interacting with many customers, prospects and individuals, I observed that many builders are looking at the similar target groups with similar designs of apartments and villas. Moreover, the look and feel of a gated community somewhat gives a feel of upscale housing board colony. I am no expert on architecture or construction, but as a business man and a potential buyer, I just express my opinions and look forward to unfamiliar variations in landscape and villas / apartments by creative architects. Perhaps it may help the builders during these times to offer 10-15 different types of models to buyers to choose from. I am sure you might have thought about all these and more but a second innings of such thoughts doesn’t hurt, I guess.

One may wonder why I have written this article as we are into electronic security solutions business. My answer is simple – whatever way we can help our customers and prospects in delivering quality we will continue to contribute. 

With big companies’ foray in ambitious projects in residential and commercial, I foresee that it is just a matter of time before the market gets back to real business. 

Wish you all GREAT SALES. 

Indrasen R. Bollampally