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Iris Access

Fingerprint & Card Reader

IrisAccess™ 4000 & IrisAccess™ 4100

  • "Open Architecture" Philosophy
  • Proven Imager Expertise
  • Scale Deployments that Define The Technology
  • Collaboratively-Developed Backend Capability for Large Database Matching and High Volume Transaction Authentication
  • Appreciation of Privacy-Security requirements
  • Understands how Technology fits in Near & Long Term government applications
Iris Access

IrisAccess™ 4000 Interface Close-up

  • Proximity sensor activates as user nears camera triggering audio cues
  • Approaching imager to correct distance turns orange light to green
  • On too close an approach green light reverts to orange and a "please back up" command is elicited
  • At correct distance pictures of both iris' are taken
Iris Access

    Four operation modes

  • 11:N One to many search
  • 1:1 With Card as a pointer
  • 1:1 with Pin # as pointer
  • 1:1 Template read from a smart Card


Biometric Security Solutions has been widely accepted across the world including India. India is planning for a massive implementation of biometrics project in the world, called Unique Identification Number. Every person will have a unique identification number along with his/her biometric data, which will be stored in the central database.

This tells us that the biometric technology has been well accepted by the industry and the government in India, and that it is a trend for a great security market.

i-Dfens Biometric based Time and Attendance application will
  • Streamline the operations saving valuable administration time
  • Tracking employees from single or multiple locations.
  • Increasing transparency in employee time clock.
  • Facilitating effective payroll processing.

i-Dfens has implemented numerous biometric fingerprint projects in different verticals
  • Information Technology
  • Hospitals
  • Hospitality
  • Educational Institutions
  • Police
  • Government
  • Real Estate
  • Manufacturing, etc.

i-Dfens assists clients with customised security applications and integration. In general, biometric security devices are used in conjunction with Time and Attendance application to track employee’s or any person’s Time In and Time Out stamps. The Time and Attendance application can be integrated with the client’s payroll application through customisation.

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Introduction to Fingerprint - Among all the biometric security techniques, fingerprint-based identification is the oldest security method that has been successfully used in numerous applications. Everyone is known to have a unique, immutable fingerprint.

The basic function of the fingerprint device is to enroll and identify.

  • During the enrolment process, one is asked to place the finger on the fingerprint sensor to capture the template of the finger.
  • When identifying or verifying, one will need to place the finger on the sensor that transmits the fingerprint to the local database to search and identify it

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