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Security Solutions for Commercial Buildings
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There is a transformation of how a builder and customer perceive a commercial building nowadays. They were earlier built to just sell or rent, without much importance to the aesthetics of the building outside or inside. Things have changed a lot in the last several years.

The new age of architecture has changed the building concept altogether. It is no more just constructing a building and selling. It is about ensuring quality, aesthetics, utility, comfort, energy savings, safety & security, quality air inside the building, better water management, convenient parking, etc. More and more customers are demanding for complete building solutions.

With experience in designing and implementing commercial buildings’ safety and security solutions, i-Dfens has extended the services to design and implement Integrated Building Management System for effective use of resources at optimal level.

i-Dfens deliver solutions for commercial buildings with international standards.

Security solutions for commercial buildings:

Solar Fencing

Solar Fencing Security Solutions

Commonly used to protect the perimeter, the first line of defense. Solar Fencing is a non-lethal system that creates a Psychological fear in the mind of an intruder. This system in the case of intrusion detects and warns the person on guard.

Authorised Access with Time and Attendance

Card Based Access SystemCard based access system is commonly used by employees to gain access to the building, departments, server rooms, management areas, secured areas, facilities, etc. The system also logs in Time In and Time Out of every employee.

Visitor Management

Visitor Management System

The threats and compliances have prompted organisations to install Visitor Management System to capture the fingerprint and log personal data and purpose of visit. This is a fingerprint based system used widely by various verticals.



CCTV is the most common video surveillance system used in India. There is a trend towards IP-based Surveillance solutions.

Video Surveillance is used to secure a place and to alert defined deviation signals. The full value of the solution is created when the trained security personnel or guards are vigilant. The activity can be recorded, just in case, one needs to play back.

Smoke & Fire Alarm System

Smoke & Fire Alarm System

The smoke & fire alarm system is installed in buildings or officers, mostly to be in compliance. However, the recent disasters have enlightened us to make this system a part of the budget. A small investment to save our life is a big reward by itself.

The system comes in wired and wireless. Wired is the most preferred one but wireless is catching up soon.

Intrusion or Burglar Alarm System

Intrusion or Burglar Alarm System

If you think that robbery doesn’t happen at home, you are definitely an optimistic person. But there have been innumerable thefts at homes or offices. Optimism helps to deal with the situation but cannot control external behaviour. Optimists have checks and controls in place.

The intrusion or burglar alarm system is affordable and easy to install. Well proven system, i-Dfens has installed a number of systems successfully. Comes in wired, wireless and hybrid (wired and wireless).

Inventory Management

Inventory Management Security Solutions

RFID-based Inventory management solution is equally important just like any other IT system. There have been situations in many companies, where items have been bought but take days to identify or track them. A typical trader, product or solution company buys 1000s of items regularly that needs a proven RFID-based solution to enter, identify and track the items. If a company cannot locate an item, it is a loss.

Patrol Monitoring

Patrol Monitoring Security Solutions

Patrolling needs monitoring as well. Some monitoring system must be in place to reduce risks and influence security personnel. The system is normally used at nights, where security guards make rounds around the building or campus and get identified by RFID or biometric reader, which leaves a trace of their visits during the night duty.

All the above can be integrated into BMS – a system that should result in resources efficiency leading to energy savings, better air quality, better environment and improved safety and security