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To offer pollution free, eco-friendly and family-friendly environment to the residents, construction companies have embarked on gated community projects. This has created business opportunities in identification and security solutions.

i-Dfens has comprehensive electronic security and communications solutions for gated communities. We have done an extensive research on ‘what makes a good gated community’. i-Dfens' solution-approach has enabled us to do research, design and implement comprehensive projects.

Our business approach with the builders has been well accepted for the fact that we are willing to prove ourselves before any commitment from them.

Security solutions for Gated Community:

Solar Fencing

Solar Fencing

Commonly being used to protect the perimeter, Solar Fencing is a non-lethal system that creates a Psychological fear in the mind of an intruder. This system in the case of intrusion detects and warns the security personnel. The intrusion zone will be displayed or notified.

Authorised Access at Security Gate

Authorised Access at Security GateGated Communities want to install security and other comfort solutions to give their residents peace of mind, comfort and a great place to live atmosphere. The access card system enables authorised access to the residents of the community.

Multi-apartment Video Door Phone

Multi-apartment Video Door PhonesA card based access system gives residents easy access to gated community. Multi-apartment Video Door Phone system increases the security of the gated community by identifying the visitor first before allowing him through the main gate. These systems are wide usedly in many countires and are catching up in India. There are many such systems already installed in India.


CCTV Video Surveillance

CCTV is the most common video surveillance system used in India. Video Surveillance is used to secure a place and to alert defined deviation signals. The full value of the solution is created when the trained security personnel or guards are vigilant. The activity can be recorded and played back on need basis. The CCTV with recording system also assist the police to track any individual.

Patrol Monitoring

Patrol Monitoring

Patrolling needs monitoring as well. Some monitoring system must be in place to reduce risks and influence security personnel. The system is normally used at nights, where security guards make rounds around the building or campus and get identified by RFID or biometric reader, which leaves a trace of their visits during the night duty.

Intrusion or Burglar Alarm System

Intrusion or Burglar Alarm System

If you think that robbery doesn’t happen at home, you are definitely an optimistic person. But there have been innumerable thefts at homes or offices. Optimism helps to deal with the situation but cannot control external behaviour. Optimists have checks and controls in place.

The intrusion or burglar alarm system is affordable and easy to install. Well proven system, i-Dfens has installed a number of systems successfully. Available in wired, wireless and hybrid (wired and wireless).

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