Security Solutions for Government

Security solutions for Government Sector
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Every government official needs some kind of security from detractors. Government buildings and VIP / VVIP buildings need to have basic identification and security technology in place.

Right from vehicle identification to driver’s identification to government official’s identification to access into the building / department to being protected from detractors, we offer different solutions to suit your security requirements.

We believe that only authorised people should have the access into the building / department. This is automatic filtering that enhances the security of the building and people working in and around. For visitors, we recommend an identification process that if implemented and followed can help in identifying and tracking people easily.

Our Range of Applications:

  • Short and Long Range Access to Buildings for Key Officers
  • Card-based / Biometric access to Main Rooms or Departments
  • Visitors’ Identification, Access and Management
  • Video Surveillance of Key Areas for Monitoring, Recording and Tracking
  • Barcode / RFID based Inventory Assets Management and Tracking
  • Document Storage and Management
  • RF-based Police Patrolling
  • Vehicle Tracking (GPS and GIS)
  • RF Jammer
  • Metal Detection
  • Nuclear Detection
  • Perimeter Security