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High Performance RFID Readers

Mercury 5 is the ideal choice for RFID deployments in environments where there is a lot of interference - either from very large numbers of RFID readers or other sources, or if tags are giving weaker than usual responses - for example because of attenuation due to the presence of metal or water. Where Dense Reader Mode alone is enough to give the required levels of performance, Mercury 4, our DRM-compliant reader, is a cost effective choice.

Mercury5 is fully compatible with Mercury4 interfaces and deployments, and supports the same high levels of network, security, developer and other functionality, including fully optimized support for EPC Generation 1 Class 1 and Class 0 and ISO 18000-6B, as well as EPC Generation 2.

Like its predecessor Mercury4, the new Mercury5 fully supports Dense Reader Mode. But it goes well beyond DRM to ignore all interference - not just interference from other DRM-compliant readers. As a result, Mercury5 outperforms DRM-only readers anywhere there are multiple sources of interference. This is why it gives more 100% reads more often.

  • Operating Frequencies: 902 – 928 MHz
  • Air Interface Protocols: EPC Class 0
  • EPC Class 1
  • EPC Generation 2 (Single Reader, Multi Reader and Dense Reader Modes
  • ISO 18000-6B / Ucode 1.19
  • Rewritable Class 0+
  • RF Power:+32.5dBm (1 Watt (30dBm) per FCC Part 15 + 2.5dB attenuation due to antenna cables)