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Radio Frequency Identification
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RFID (RADIO FREQUENCY IDENTIFICATION) is widely used in various security applications to identify and track objects . Technology advancements, in general, enabled technologies like RFID to become cheaper and to be adopted globally.

Though RFID security technology has several advantages, only few specific applications are widely used in India:

  • Time and attendance application to replace traditional slot card time machine.
  • Electronic article surveillance for retail outlets.
  • Controlled access to vehicles in offices, police departments, parking areas, etc.
  • Smart card based security solutions to store data in the in-built memory chip.

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RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification.

An RFID system requires a RFID reader and a RFID tag:

  • A reader, including an antenna -
    Device that is used to read and/or write data to RFID tags
  • A tag
    Transponder that carries data transmits to a reader. Tag with the data in it can identify an item in manufacture, goods in transit, location, vehicle, an animal or individual.
  • The communication
    RFID uses a defined radio frequency to transmit and receive data from tags. The data travels through radio waves.


The frequency bands are divided into three:
Low Frequency (LF) – 100-500 KHz
High Frequency (HF) – 13.56 MHz
Ultra High Frequency (UHF) – 850 MHz – 5.8 GHz

Short and Medium range RFID security solutions use low and high frequency bands. Typical applications in India include:
  • Access Control
  • Smart Card
  • Inventory Management
  • Animal Identification
Long range RFID solutions use ultra high frequency bands. Few security applications that use ultra high frequency in India are:
  • Long-range Access Control
  • Toll Collection
  • Expensive Equipments & Items
  • Customer Location for Luxury Applications